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What are the products of jewelry card packaging? Date: 2020-07-25 / Source: Zhongkai Packaging / Views: 1056

What are the products of jewelry card packaging?

Jewelry packaging cards mainly include earring cards, necklace cards, bracelet cards, suit cards, brooch cards, ring cards, hair accessories cards, fold cards, high frequency voltage cards, etc. made of PVC, PP, paper and other materials.

[Main process]: bronzing, offset printing, UV printing, silk screen, UV silk screen, transfer printing, high frequency pressing, indentation, punching, folding hook, paper mounting, flocking, bonding, die cutting, etc.

[Main application]: Terminal sales and packaging of jewelry, toys, cosmetics, daily necessities, hardware appliances, stationery gifts, electronic hardware and other products. Customers are welcome to call and sample for ordering, we will serve you with the greatest enthusiasm and the most professional technology.