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What are the types of stickers? Date: 2020-07-25 / Source: Zhongkai Packaging / Views: 975

Self-adhesive is a kind of material, also called self-adhesive label sticker material. It is a composite material with paper, film or other special materials as the fabric, coated with adhesive on the back, and coated with silicon protective paper. The classification and use of stickers are mainly divided into the following 13 types:
Mirror coated paper
This type of self-adhesive labels use advanced multi-color product labels. It is usually used for information labeling of medicines, food, electrical appliances, stationery, etc.

Matte paper, offset paper
This kind of self-adhesive labels mostly use the label paper for the purpose. Usually used in high-speed laser printing, inkjet printing information notes or barcode labels.

Fragile stickers
The main function is anti-counterfeiting and warranty. This kind of self-adhesive labels can not be reused after being shredded. It is usually used for anti-counterfeiting of electrical appliances, medicines and other commodities.

Polyethylene label
The shape of the coffin is transparent and bright, and the color is milky white.

Thermal Paper
It is usually easy to see on commodity prices, and is widely used.

pvc shrink film
Usually applied to the battery trademarks of various electrical appliances or machines.

Coated paper
Apply to multi-color product labels. It is commonly used in information labels for food, medicine and electrical appliances.

Laser film
It belongs to high-end information label paper, which is mostly used for multi-color product labels such as stationery and high-end decorations.

Aluminum foil
This type of self-adhesive label is also used for multi-color products. It is commonly used in high-end information labels for pharmaceutical, food and cultural printing products.

The surface of this type of self-adhesive label is named as silver, gold, milky white, matte milky white, etc. The performance is the product label with more important properties such as resistance to water, oil and chemicals, and the information label used daily in shower room supplies, electrical appliances, machinery and other products.

Heat transfer paper
The performance is to resist high temperature environment. Usually used in microwave ovens and other products.

Removable glue
The fabric is usually coated paper, mirror paper polyethylene, polypropylene, etc. Because this type of self-adhesive label tears without leaving a trace, it is usually applied to labels such as tableware and fruits.

Chemical synthetic paper
Because this type of self-adhesive label has strong water and oil resistance, it is usually used in information labels for high-end products and environmental protection products.