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Printed Products | Security Issues in Packaging and Printing Date: 2018-01-08 / Source: Zhongkai Packaging / Views: 1002
With the improvement of people's living standards, people have higher and higher requirements for food. Therefore, ensuring food safety has become the focus of food production enterprises. Inks, which have a direct influence on food safety, are also developing in the direction of environmental protection.

The issue of printed product safety will form a new green trade barrier for my country. From the point of view of the production process of printed matter, ink has undoubtedly become the "protagonist" that has to be mentioned in this complete industrial chain. Most countries in the world now advocate the use of environmentally friendly inks, alcohol-soluble inks and water-based inks, especially water-based inks are increasingly used as green environmentally friendly inks.

Green food consumption has become a trend. However, it is extremely uncoordinated that many green foods do not use green packaging and green printing, but use some toxic and harmful substances as packaging and printing materials. Food packaging is called "special food additive", as "underwear" of food, its safety will directly affect the quality of food. Unqualified food packaging will have a negative impact on human health during use, especially children and The healthy development of adolescents poses major safety hazards. In daily life, it is not difficult to find that many distributors print colorful and delicate patterns on food packaging to attract consumers' attention, but few people know that most of the inks printed with patterns contain harmful benzene substances. .