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Disadvantages of UV printed plastic boxes Date: 2020-07-25 / Source: Zhongkai Packaging / Views: 1086
There are many varieties of UV screen printing decorative inks, single performance, some use trouble, and low production capacity. For example, screen imitation metal etching ink can only be used to print patterns with sand surface effect, and the hemp is dependent on the ink The particles are generated, it is difficult to distribute uniformly, and the repeatability is poor. In addition, there are many kinds of ink, such as coarse, medium and fine, and the effects of various prints are different.

UV screen printing wrinkle ink needs to use low-pressure mercury lamp first, and then use medium-pressure mercury lamp for secondary irradiation and curing to produce wrinkles. The irradiation conditions change slightly, and the patterns of wrinkles produced are obviously different. UV screen printing ice flower nectar needs high-power UV lamp to irradiate for a long time to produce ice flower pattern. It consumes a lot of energy, it will burn the substrate, the production capacity is low, and the scrap rate is very high. use.

Another major disadvantage of screen printing is the poor consistency of printing. The main reason for poor printing consistency is that the basic elements such as dots and lines of decorative patterns printed by the screen method are random and disorderly arranged, depending on the mechanism of the process. Another reason is that the long service life of the current screen version is 40,000 to 50,000 sheets, and the short one can only print 10,000 sheets.

During use, the screen gradually relaxes and deforms, and the photoresist gradually falls off, so that the printing quality gradually declines. Some products, such as Wuliangol, are very large in quantity. When printing, dozens of screen machines are printed together. The difference in plate-making, the shape of the blade, the size of the effort, and the distance between the screen and the paper all affect the printing results. For this reason, even if the same product, the same ink, and the same factory printing are used, the effect of the resulting printed matter is also different, and the difference between them can be observed with the naked eye, which provides convenience for some counterfeiters. This determines that the decorative patterns printed by the silk screen method have only decorative functions, but no anti-counterfeiting functions.