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In the screen printing process, what factors will affect the quality of printed colors Date: 2020-07-25 / Source: Zhongkai Packaging / Views: 1013
In the screen printing process, it is of paramount importance to ensure the consistency of the colors of printed graphics and originals. In order to improve the quality of printed products, we have to pay attention to the following details during the printing process:

1). The layout design before printing should be accurate. Multi-color overprints should appear when making process design drawings to avoid the appearance of small lines.

2). The screen printing of screen printing is also sloppy. 1. The quality of the stretched net; the quality of the stretched net determines the tension in the printing process. The tension in the middle can ensure that the substrate can get a good printing effect during the printing process and ensure its accuracy.

3). Production of silk screen template. When making the template, pay attention to the thickness of the glue layer, and strictly control the exposure, drying, development and other links.

4). The deployment of screen printing ink. Generally, the quality problems that affect the color are caused by improper solvent addition during the preparation process (for example, the water in the ink is added with the solvent and then the water will thin the dried ink film, and then affect the color of the ink and reduce its density. ). The printing ink should be prepared first and then supplied to the printing machine at any time. One barrel should not be used. If you pay little attention to it, it may cause color errors. The ink should be prepared by a professional preparation master. The solvent should be added in proportion Add accordingly.

5). Pay attention to the printing color sequence when screen printing. It should be printed successively according to the transparency and density of different color inks.

6). The setting of the doctor blade and the doctor blade. The softer the doctor blade, the more ink will pass through the screen, and the more ink, the heavier the printed color will cause it to deviate from the original color. Not only the hardness of Joe's ink knife will affect the color, such as the degree of wear of the doctor blade, the direction of the ink scraping, and the speed of the ink scraping will affect the color; the setting of the ink return knife is the same as the doctor The uncomfortable setting will also cause changes in the amount of ink.

7). Set up the mechanical operation process and install the printing materials to ensure the consistency of the printing materials. Unstable mechanical operation or different operators' habits of mechanical operation will affect the consistency of mechanical operation and substrate operation. When the machine and substrate cannot be consistent, the distribution of ink will become uneven, making the printed The picture and text may become different.

8). The temperature when the ink is dried will also affect the color quality. Whether the temperature is too high or too low, it has a non-negligible effect on the ink color after printing. For example, when the temperature is too high when the paper is dried after printing, the color will appear white or yellow.

9). Clean the ink fountain and ink roller. Since the ink fountain and the ink roller are in direct contact with the ink, if other materials are on the ink, it will affect the ink, which may deviate from the color, and also cause the printed graphics and text to be not bright and shiny. In particular, please note that when the ink changes from dark to light, the ink fountain, ink roller and other parts that directly contact the ink must be cleaned before they can be used.

The above are only a few significant factors that may cause the printing color. In order to make the color of the printed product more in line with the original, whether it is in the preparation for printing or in the printing process, and after printing, the printing needs to be handled with reasonable care. Only by combining pre-press, mid-press, and post-press, and dealing with details in a reasonable manner, can colors be truly in place.